ABBA Staff attends US Livestock Genetics Export (USLGE) Annual Membership Meeting

March 14th, 2023 
by Caydi Blaha

In late February, Dr. Joe Paschal & Iridiana Ibarra-Leal attended the US Livestock Genetics Export (USLGE), Inc. Annual Membership Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas. USLGE is a nonprofit, nationwide trade association that brings together a broad base of U.S. livestock organizations. USLGE represents the international marketing interests of the dairy, beef, swine, horse, and small ruminant (sheep and goats) breeding industries. ABBA has been an active member of USLGE for many years. We have also been a recipient of funds for many years (totaling millions of dollars), and have used them to educate cattle producers around the world on the benefits of Brahman genetics.

During this year’s membership meeting, USLGE chose to tour a Brahman ranch. USLGE members were able to visit ABBA member, Primo & Daniela Castillo of Rancho Las Huastecas. We would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Castillo for their outstanding hospitality during our visit, everyone was very impressed to see and learn about Brahman Genetics.