All American National Junior Show

June 26 to July 3, 2022 — Mercedes, Texas

Schedule of Events

*Subject to Change

Sunday, June 26th

8:00 a.m.- Barns open for cattle move-in

4:00- 5:30 p.m.- OPTIONAL Exhibitor/Cattle Registration- Creative Arts Room

7:00 p.m.- Queen/ Princess Welcome/ Orientation Dinner


Monday, June 27th

8:00 a.m.- Public Speaking Contest- Events Center

9:00 a.m.- Queen/ Princess Interviews and Public Speaking- Events Center

2:00 p.m.- Incoming AJBA Directors Meeting

3:30 p.m.- 5:30 p.m- Exhibitor Registration- Creative Arts Room


6:30 p.m.- Opening Ceremonies & Welcome Supper- Events Center


Tuesday, June 28th

7:00 a.m.- Weights and Measures, Color Classification- Steer Barn Arena

10:00 a.m.- Sales Talk Contest- Show Arena

5:00 p.m.- Scholarship and Shawnee Bailey Interviews- Events Center

6:00- 9:00 p.m.- England Cattle Company Fun Night at the Ranch


Wednesday, June 29th

8:00 a.m.- Showmanship Contest- Show Arena

10:30 a.m. Photography/ Poster Contest Judging- Creative Arts Room

30 min after Showmanship- F1 Female Show- Show Arena

12:00 p.m.- Hamburger Lunch Sponsored and Prepared by HM Cattle Co.

3:00 p.m.- Annual Membership Meeting-Show Arena

4:00 p.m.- Herdsman Quiz- Show Arena

6:00 p.m.- Scholarship Dinner- Events Center


Thursday, June 30th

8:00 a.m.- Bred & Owned Cattle Show- Show Arena

30 min after Bred & Owned Cattle Show- Owned Bull Show- Show Arena

1 hour after Bull Show- Quiz Bowl- Show Arena

5:30 p.m.- Incoming AJBA Officer Team Candidates Interviews


Friday, July 1st

8:00 a.m.- Grey Female Show- Show Arena

6:00 p.m.- Incoming AJBA Directors Meeting


Saturday, July 2nd

8:00 a.m.- Red Female Show- Show Arena

6:30 p.m.- Awards Banquet- Events Center

General Show Information

The All American’s main event consists of two days of cattle exhibition where youth have the opportunity to exhibit both bulls and females in their respective divisions. 


The Bred-and-Owned Show gives AJBA members a chance to produce their own champions. In this competition, members exhibit cattle that they have bred and raised themselves.


The F-1 Female Show gives AJBA members a chance to exhibit Golden Certified/Certified F-1 females at the All American. F-1 females must be certified through the ABBA F-1 Program Certificate Option and certificates must be in the exhibitors name prior to May 1, 2021. 


A complete list of guidelines will be available in the 2021 All American entry packet.


To become champion showman, youth must display their animal to its best potential, practice good sportsmanship, and prove their knowledge and experience of proper show ring etiquette.

1980 – Tammie Watts, TX

1981 – Tammie Watts, TX 

1982 – Melinda Allison, TX 

1983 – Gordy Broussard, LA 

1984 – Leslie Broussard, LA 

1985 – Kim Fox, TX 

1986 – David Montie, LA 

1987 – Ryan Bosse, TX 

1988 – Ryan Bosse, TX 

1989 – Neely Young, TX 

1990 – Billie Wayne Key, Jr., TX 

1991 – Alexandra Marceaux, LA 

1992 – Todd Covington, LA 

1993 – Nathan Krueger, TX 

1994 – Rachel Williams, TX 

1995 – Brandi Towles, MS 

1997 – Rachel Williams, TX 

1998 – Alaina Burleigh

1999 – Jeanie Glasser 

2000 – Jacob Tipp, TX

2001 – Brooke Leonards, LA 

2002 – Lee Forrester, TX 

2003 – Lee Forrester, TX 

2004 – Timmy Fentress, TX 

2005 – Cotton Munson, TX 

2006 – Angela Gilbert, OR 

2007 – Amy Terry, TX

2008 –  Haley Herzog, TX   

2009 – Amy Terry, TX 

2010 – Mary Kate Walters, TX 

2011 – Amie Ferguson, LA 

2012 – Amie Ferguson, LA 

2013 – Alyssa Doucet, TX 

2014 – Rhaelee Spies, TX 

2015 – Rhaelee Spies, TX

2016 – Briley Richard, LA 

2017 – Winston Walters, TX 

2018 – Payton Herzog, TX 

2019 – Madison Peterson, TX  

2020 – Collin Parker, TX

2021- Savannah Allen, TX

Educational Contests

More than a cattle show, the All American is an all-around youth competition and provides an opportunity for AJBA members to demonstrate skills in different areas.

Queen & Princess



Public Speaking

Herdsman Quiz

Quiz Bowl



Sales Talk

Better Beef

Scholarships & Awards

More than $50,000 in awards and scholarships are presented at the All American. Scholarships are based on applicants’ scholastic merit, financial need, leadership, citizenship and participation in agriculture. Scholarships, as well as the Shawnee Bailey memorial award, are presented at the All American Awards Banquet.