F-1 Program

American Brahmans naturally produce an exceptional first cross (F-1) with other breeds of European or British origin.

F-1 Certification Program

Verify the parentage of F-1 females using ABBA’s F-1 Certification Program. This ensures the animal’s true genetic makeup for both producers and users of Brahman F-1 genetics.

F-1 Advantages

The Brahman F-1 is consistently superior to other crosses in weight per day of age and carcass efficiency. 


The cattle also display many beneficial characteristics of their Brahman parent, such as drought resistance, heat tolerance, disease and parasite resistance, and increased longevity.

Queens of Cow Country

The Brahman F-1 female is highly regarded by commercial cattlemen as a maternal machine. She has bred-in environmental adaptability, increased milk production, higher fertility and weans faster growing calves with fewer inputs.


Plus, the Brahman F-1 female has a longer productive life, raising more calves over her lifetime than other breeds.

High-Performing Calves

Resulting F-1 calves are in high demand for replacement females or feeder cattle.


In the feedlot, Brahman-hybrid steers remain healthy and make rapid, efficient gains while producing heavier, higher yielding carcasses that are free of excess fat, which today’s packer and health-conscious consumer demand.