American Brahman cattle are the number one beef breed for efficiency, hybrid vigor and environmental adaptability.

Measuring Performance

ABBA provides a comprehensive database of expected progeny differences (EPDs) and indexes for its members to drive breed progress.

Genomics & DNA

The advancement of DNA testing and genomic data paves new opportunities for American Brahman breeders. 

Sire Summary

The Brahman Sire Summary is published each quarter to provide breeders with practical, accurate information for selection decisions.

Brahman Herd Improvement Records

Specifically designed for Brahman cattle, the BHIR program is a systematic way to identify genetically superior animals within a breeding herd.

Performance Tested Bulls & Carcass Evaluation

Two programs of interest when making management decisions on Brahman bull calves.

Brahman’s Standard of Excellence

American Brahman cattle are evaluated on a rigorous set of excellence standards — from structure to temperament. 

Recognizing Genetic Merit

The breed’s top animals are honored each year with awards based on the Standard of Excellence, which include Maternal Merit, Register of Renown and Vanguard designations.

Research for the Future

ABBA is committed to ongoing research and collaborating with university experts to advance future progress for the Brahman breed.