F-1 Eligible Sires & Dams

The first step in taking advantage of the F-1 Certification Program is using eligible sires and dams within your cow herd.

Eligible Sires

All sires, either Brahman or other breeds, must be purebred and registered within their own breed (if other than Brahman, that breed must not contain any Brahman blood). Multiple sire matings are permissible, but all bulls and their breed must be listed on applications for progeny certification.

Eligible Dams

Dams may be registered within their own breed or may be purebred, non-registered females qualified by ABBA inspection. Breeds other than Brahman must not contain percentages of Brahman blood as a base.


If both parents are registered within their respective breed, each animal’s name, registration number and breed identification will qualify their female progeny for certification. When both parents are registered, progeny are recognized as Golden Certified.


If the herd contains purebred, non-registered females, including non-registered Brahmans, the cows must be qualified by an ABBA inspector and properly identified before their progeny may be certified.

Qualifying Purebred, Non-Registered Dams

Simple procedures govern qualifications of purebred, non-registered cows to produce Certified F-1 Brahman females.


A request is made to ABBA for a visual inspection of the herd. The inspector arranges a visit to the applicant’s herd, qualifies eligible females and files a report with the ABBA office listing those dams that qualify. Inspections can also be performed via submitted photos and videos at a $6/head fee.


Each qualifying dam must be identified with fire brand, tattoo, horn brand or eartag. Qualification of an approved non-registered dam is non-transferable, but remains qualified as long as she is in the applicant’s herd.