Performance Tested Bull Program

Put your registered Brahman bulls to the test, learn more about their genetic value and market them to commercial cattlemen.

The ABBA Bull Development and Marketing Program is designed to provide Brahman breeders with the opportunity to develop bulls, collect economically relevant data and market commercially oriented bulls in a cooperative effort.

2021 Sale Date


Program Specifics

— Consignors/nominees must be ABBA members.

— Bulls must be registered in the American Brahman Breeders Association.

—  Bulls must have a birth weight and weaning weight submitted prior to being accepted into the program.

— Bulls should be weaned at least 45 days, recommended dehorned, received two rounds of injections and dewormed prior to delivery at Texana Feeders Ltd.

— Bulls will be tested for BVD-PI and ONLY NEGATIVE bulls will be allowed into the test

Required Vaccinations

At or before weaning:

IBR, BVD,BRSV, PI3 – Modified Live

Pasturella pneumonia

Clostridial Blackleg



2-4 weeks after first injections:

IBR, BVD,BRSV, PI3 – Modified Live

Clostridial Blackleg

Delivery Dates

The program will be for bulls born January-April 2020. The bulls will be delivered to Texana Feeders Ltd. between March 30-April 4, 2021.