Breed Research

Modern research proves the advantages American Brahman cattle contribute to the world’s beef supply.

Brahmans Used in Crossbreeding

Large Effects on Birth Weight Follow Inheritance Pattern Consistent with Gametic Imprinting and X Chromosome


Authors: R.M. Thallman*, J.A. Dillon†, J.O. Sanders‡, A.D. Herring‡, S.D. Kachman§, and D.G. Riley‡

Development of Molecular Markers to Improve Future Selection Methods for Carcass Traits in Brahman and Brahman Influenced Steers

Authors: A.M.Royer, C.Shivers, D. Riley, M. Elzo, and M.D. Garcia

An Evaluation of Genetic Trends Over 10 Year Period from Data Collected from the ABBA Carcass Evaluation Program

Authors: A.M. Royer, C.Shivers, D. Riley, M. Elzo, J. Paschal, D.E. Franke, and M.D. Garcia