BHIR provide the structural framework breeders need to evaluate herd genetics and achieve future progress.

BHIR Basics

By participating in BHIR, breeders gain a comprehensive herd profile that’s based on data submitted by ranchers across the country.


BHIR are valuable tools for progressive cattleman to make management, culling and selection decisions. The records help identify animals that excel in economically relevant traits, including reproductive efficiency, growth rate, mothering ability, longevity, conformation and disposition.


A sincere effort has been made to design BHIR to allow Brahman breeders to maintain a complete set of performance and production records, with minimum effort and maximum simplicity.


The first step toward BHIR participation is the accurate recording of the birth and subsequent growth of all calves born in a herd. A group can be enrolled in BHIR after the birth dates (and birth weights, if possible), weaning weights and weaning date have been recorded.


For more information, please contact the office at 979-485-5528.

How To: Ultrasound Scanning

ABBA encourages breeders to gather ultrasound carcass data to improve carcass quality within their herds, and ultimately the breed. 


This data is entered on the animal’s file, sent to the producer in a usable format and incorporated into the genetic evaluation for the calculation of EPDs.