F-1 Certification

The F-1 Certification Program verifies parentage of F-1 females and ensures the animal’s true genetic makeup for breeders and buyers.

Added Confidence & Value

Since 1979, the ABBA F-1 Certification Program has evolved into the premier commercial female program in the country, with more than 85,000 females registered.


Participating in the program is easy, affordable and has proven to add nearly $200 per head to Golden Certified/Certified Females as compared to other breed crosses.

Golden Certified F-1 a female that is the progeny of two registered parents.


Certified F-1 — sire must be registered and the dam must be a qualified cow, which is a purebred cow with physical characteristics that have been inspected by an ABBA representative.

The program permits the use of registered Brahman bulls on registered or qualified, purebred non-registered cows of other breeds — or registered bulls of other breeds on registered or qualified, purebred non-registered Brahman cows. 


Either system provides the same end result — a F-1 Brahman hybrid: 1/2 Brahman x 1/2 Bos Taurus breed.

Program Benefits

Any user of registered or purebred non-registered cattle may enroll in the ABBA F-1 Certification Program.


Participants will be included in membership mailings, listed in the ABBA website member search, informed about breed progress, eligible for special premiums and allowed to participate in the National F-1 Sale.


ABBA members must also enroll in the F-1 Program in order to participate.

F-1 Plus Certification

ABBA launched the F-1 Plus Program as a way to further promote the Golden Certified/Certified F-1 Cow and her influence. The program verifies progeny parentage of ABBA Golden Certified or Certified cows, adding value to both the cow and her offspring.


The ABBA F-1 Plus Certification Program is open to all female offspring from a Golden Certified or Certified F-1 Cow and a registered beef bull. The program issues a unique ear tag identifying the F-1 Plus female, setting her apart and increasing her value.

Identifying F-1 Animals

Certificate Option

For the certificate option, the owner must provide information on each animal including the name, address and signature of the enrolled breeder; the herd identification number of the F-1 female being certified; ownership brand or other identification; birth record (month or season and year); color markings; the breed, name, identification number and registration number of the sire; and, if registered, the breed, name, identification number and registration number of the dam. If the dam is a qualified non-registered dam, its identification number is provided in lieu of purebred registry information.


Individual certificates of certification will be issued by ABBA upon receipt and approval, and payment of the appropriate fee ($7.50). ABBA maintains filing systems that include owners, program certificates by numbers, and sires by breeds. Adequate safeguards are maintained to help eliminate fraudulent entries.


Eartag Option

For the eartag option, the owner must provide their membership information including the name, address and signature of the enrolled breeder; as well as sire and dam breed information; and number of certifications requested.

Certification & Qualification Fees

One-time enrollment fee, all participants: $50

Annual administrative fee: $20

Certified F-1 Brahman Female Certificate or Eartag: $7.50 each

Qualification inspections of purebred non-registered herds: $6/head

Transferring F-1 Females

Due to the increased interest in showing Golden Certified and Certified F-1 Females, ABBA allows for the formal transfer of ownership.


Females being certified for show must provide specific information to the certificate option. The exact birthdate needs to be listed as well as an optional name (ID number can be used). The transfer information should also be included: junior member name, address and the date of delivery.


The transfer fee is $17.50 for animals transferred less than 30 days, and $20 for transfers more than 30 days from the delivery date.