Membership FAQ’s

How do I become a Member?
Visit the Join Now Page for all applications and information about dues.

What does it mean to be an Active Member?
An Active Member shall be an individual partnership, corporation, limited liability company trust, estate or other legal entity of reputable character who has paid such membership fees as may be established by the Board of Directors. Any partner of a partnership, shareholder of a corporation, or member of a limited liability company who also holds a separate association membership shall be considered an Active Member if the partnership membership qualifies for active status. Active Members shall be entitled to all of the privileges granted to members of the Association, including the right to vote on all matters brought before the membership and to register and transfer cattle at Active Member rates.

What is an Associate Member?
An Associate Membership shall be granted to any person or entity of reputable character interested in the promotion of the best interests of the American Brahman breed of cattle, but said Associate Membership shall be without voting rights and without privileges to register cattle at membership rates. An Associate Membership may not be transferred.

What is a Show Member?
A Show Membership will be granted to any person of reputable character interested in the competitive showing (the show ring) of American Brahman cattle, but said Show Membership shall be without voting rights or privileges to register cattle. The Board of Directors shall adopt Rules of the Association to establish qualifications to be a Show Member or for the removal of a Show Member.

What is the method of membership approval for active members?
Applications for membership shall be completed in writing and signed using forms for such purpose that are furnished by the Association or downloaded from the Association website. Applicants for active membership shall be admitted as an Active Member by a majority vote of the directors present at any regular meeting of the Board of Directors or by the Executive Committee, which ever meets first, if the applicant is considered to be of reputable character and interested in the well being of the Association. If an application for active membership should be rejected by the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors, the applicant may re-submit application at the next Board of Directors meeting or Annual Membership Meeting of the Association, when such application shall be approved or rejected by a majority of the members present. Full membership privileges will not be granted until the member has been approved by the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors or at Annual Membership Meeting.

How do I assign a Designated Representative?
A partnership, corporation, limited liability company, trust, estate, or other legal entities upon becoming an Active Member, shall promptly notify the Association in writing, the name of the person authorized to represent their respective organization, and such designated person shall have all of the rights, privileges and consideration of an individual member. An individual Active Member may also appoint a Designated Representative by following the same procedure. A Designated Representative must be approved by the Board of Directors if the designated representative is not an Active Member of the Association.

Designated Representative Form


What are the regulations when picking a membership name?
ABBA members can pick any name, which does not exceed over thirty characters, to represent their person, partnership, corporation, firm, trust or estate.

Do AJBA members receive ABBA membership privileges?
Members of the American Junior Brahman Association shall have the privilege to register and transfer cattle at active member rates, but not the right to vote, and these privileges will remain in effect until the minor reaches the age of nineteen (19) years; at such time, the individual must apply for and be granted active membership in the Association to continue to receive membership privileges.

What are the advantages of being an ABBA member?

Active members are entitled to register and transfer Brahman cattle at reduced rates compared to non-members. Members, through their Board of Directors and participation in the Annual Meeting, control the association.

Is it possible to transfer ABBA Membership?
An Active Membership may be transferred to an Active Member only if the new owner/transferee of the cattle will continue to utilize the membership and ranch name and said name will continue to be used to register and transfer cattle. The Board of Directors shall adopt Rules of Transfer within Rules of the Association governing transfer of Active Memberships.