Sire Summary

Each quarter, the Research and Breed Improvement committee of the American Brahman Breeders Association publishes a sire summary for its breeders and customers. In a rapidly changing industry, it has become necessary to make as many tools available as possible for use by breeders in their genetic selections. The objective of the Brahman Sire Summary is to provide Brahman breeders with practical, yet accurate assessment of data on sires so they may increase the performance potential of their herds through sire selection. Only sires with reliable accuracy levels are published. Only sires in the top 20 in the breed with a set accuracy level are considered as trait leaders. However, non-published EPDs may be obtained from the ABBA office. The ABBA encourages you to consider visual appraisal, performance figures and other tools in your selections.

Spring 2017 EPD’s Released

The Spring 2017 ABBA EPD’s have been released.  Below are the statistics, trait leaders and sire summary from the recent genetic evaluation.  If you would like a hard copy feel free to contact the ABBA Office.