Photo Submission

Get your cameras out and sort through your archives. American Brahman Association (ABBA) wants your pictures to help tell the Brahman story. Watch for an announcement on Facebook for upcoming photo contests that will be held throughout the year. Your photo could used to tell the Brahman story in various ABBA marketing materials.

Submitted entries will be narrowed down to five top finalists. The top five pictures will be posted on the ABBA Facebook page and voted on by your peers. The winning picture will received a special ABBA gift.

Fill out the form below and submit your picture today.

Photo Submission

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Photo Requirements

  • Please submit only high-quality, high-resolution, color photos. All images must be submitted electronically and must be 300 dpi, minimum 8"×10" or 8"×12"("2436 x 3036" or "2434 x 3638" px), and in JPG or PNG format.
  • No artwork, paintings, Polaroids or enhanced images will be accepted.
  • Include the following with each photo entered:
    • Title of Photo
    • Photographer’s name and address
    • Email address
    • Phone number

Terms & Conditions

Upon submission you release the usage rights of the photo to ABBA. This grants ABBA the right to use any images submitted for any ABBA marketing purpose.

Maximum file size: 8MB. You can upload another photo after you click on the submit button.

Please include the photo title for each photo. If  the photographer is different than the name filled out above please also include: Photographers Name, Phone Number, and Email

Depending on your internet speed, this may take a few minutes. Please be patient.