National F-1 Sale Shows High Demand for Replacement Females and Brahman Genetics

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National F-1 Sale Shows High Demand for Replacement Females and Brahman Genetics

Caldwell, Texas (March 20, 2019)On Saturday, March 16, 2019, the 32nd Annual American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) National F-1 and Texas Brahman Association Brahman Female Sale attracted 122 buyers from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia to purchase elite Brahman and Brahman-influenced replacement genetics.

More than 225 people in attendance and 102 registered buyers online with Cattle in Motion considered the nearly 700-head offering consigned by a total of 37 commercial and registered producers.

The F-1 consignments included pairs, bred, and open females. Each pen was judged by reputable cattle producers and awarded premiums in the categories of pairs, bred and exposed, and open. The champion pen of pairs ($2,650.00 per head) was awarded to Umphrey Land and Cattle of Woodville, Texas; champion bred and exposed females ($2,800.00 per head) was awarded to John Malazzo Farms of Caldwell, Texas; and champion pen of open F-1 females ($2,300.00 per head) was awarded to first-time consignor Twin Oaks Cattle Co. of Wallis, Texas. Honorable mentions in each category included Umphrey Land and Cattle, H&M Cattle Company, John Malazzo Farms, Dry Hole Cattle Company, Herrmann Cattle Company, and Pratt Farms.

The averages and highs for the F-1 females are as follows:

Pairs:                          $2,300.00/head average, high selling lot $2,650.00/head (Umphrey Land and Cattle)

Bred Females:            $1,600.00/head average, high selling lot $1,700.00/head (Grote Farms)

Exposed Females:     $2,075.00/head average, high selling lot $3,500.00/head (John Malazzo Farms)

The Brahman portion of the sale featured both registered and purebred Brahman females that commanded strong bids throughout the sale. The champion pen of Brahman females was awarded to Terry Novak Ranch, which sold for $5,500.00/head.

The averages and highs for the Brahman females are as follows:

Pairs:                          $3,600.00/head average, high selling lot $5,650.00/ head (Rolling Oaks Ranch)

Bred Females:            $2,500.00/head average, high selling lot $3,750.00/head (Dry Hole Cattle Company)

Open Females:           $3,060.00/head average, high selling lot $5,500.00/head (Terry Novak Ranch)

Purebred Brahmans: $1,900.00/head average, high selling lot $2,050.00/head (Elstner Cattle )

A set of eight breeding-age bulls included Brahman, Hereford, and Angus. The Brahman bulls averaged $3,525.00/head with the high selling lot from Tipp Ranch for $4,700.00. The Hereford bulls averaged $4,860.00/head with Mann Cattle Company securing the high selling bull at $5,000.00. Angus bulls averaged $3,300.00/head with the high selling lot from Triple Son Farms at $3,500.00.

Many gracious producers, agricultural cooperatives, and businesses sponsored the sale to help make this event memorable for consignors, buyers, and producers in attendance. Corporate sponsors included Graham Land and Cattle and Positive Feed, Inc., along with 19 other agricultural companies, lending institutions, producers, and more.

The sale was dedicated to Henry and Mary Catherine Novak of Danbury, Texas. The couple began farming and ranching in 1949, marking eight decades in the industry. Over the years, both Henry and Mary contributed their time to serving the ABBA in various roles as breeders and leaders. The Novaks are long-time consignors to the ABBA National F-1 and TBA Brahman Female Sale.

The sale was managed by Broken Triangle Cattle Marketing (BTCM), owned by the Charanza family of Caldwell, Texas; and Caldwell Livestock Commission (CLC) owned by the Herrmann family, also of Caldwell, Texas. To learn more about BTCM or CLC, visit or


About the ABBA and F-1 Program

The American Brahman Breeders Association is the world registry for Brahman cattle, the #1 beef breed for efficiency, hybrid vigor and environmental adaptability. In 1979, ABBA saw a need to verify the parentage of the F-1 female so that both the producer and user of the F-1 female could be assured of the true genetic makeup of the cattle. Since its inception, the ABBA F-1 Certification Program has evolved into the premier commercial female program in the country, with more than 90,000 females registered. The program is the most widely known commercial female program in the nation today as the Golden Certified and Certified F-1 Brahman is known as the “Queen of Cow Country” and is the “most trouble-free cow in the industry”. Learn more at