Membership FAQ's

Answers to common questions about ABBA and membership benefits.

What activity fees and dues are required of active members?

ABBA members who have paid their annual activity fee will be considered an active member, and pay active member rates for registrations and transfers. 

Fees are:

0-50 Females = $100

51-100 Females = $200

More than 100 Females = $300

How do I assign a designated representative?

A partnership, corporation, limited liability company, trust, estate, or other legal entities upon becoming an Active Member, shall promptly notify the Association in writing, the name of the person authorized to represent their respective organization, and such designated person shall have all of the rights, privileges and consideration of an individual member. 


An individual Active Member may also appoint a Designated Representative by following the same procedure. A Designated Representative must be approved by the Board of Directors if the designated representative is not an Active Member of the Association.

What are the rules when selecting a membership name?

ABBA members can pick any name, which does not exceed more than 30 characters, to represent their person, partnership, corporation, firm, trust or estate.

Is it possible to transfer ABBA membership?

An active membership may be transferred to an active member only if the new owner/transferee of the cattle will continue to use the membership and ranch name, and continue to be used to register and transfer cattle.