LI Exposicion Ganadera Nacional Ylang Ylang, Boca Del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico

April 18th, 2015 by brahmanabba

ABBA Recording Secretary, Armelinda Ibarra returns from trip to LI Exposicion Ganadera Nacional Ylang Ylang, Boca Del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico an event she and ABBA President, Dr. Ricky Hughes attended representing the ABBA.  A large U.S. delegation of ABBA members and U.S. producers also attended this event.  U.S. delegation consisted of:  Carolyn Falgout, Kelvin Moreno, Myra Hughes, Dinah Weil, Bill & Joyce Hudgins, Lana Jo Forgason, Will Detering, Michael Martin, Stuart Watkins, Wes & Candace Schneider, Carl & Vicki Lambert, Marty Graham, George Lacour, John Goode, Francisco Caballero, Primo & Daniela Castillo, Robert Davila, and Judd Cullers.


Myra & Dr Ricky hughes, President of AMCC, Erik Abrahamsson, Armelinda Ibarra and Kelvin Moreno.


Juan Carlos & Rosy Molina, Erik Abrahamsson Blankenship, Dr. Ricky Hughes, Cesar Lastra and Manuel Guzman.

The Asociacion Mexicana de Criadores de Cebu (AMCC) and the Cebuistas Veracruzanos hosted a first class event.  Seven Cebu breed shows took place including an extensive trade show, tours, welcome cocktail, and magnificent awards dinner along with many other activities that took place throughout the week.  Over 800 head of cattle were exhibited in the newly built arena, “Javier Duarte Franco” which was centrally located and situated near the coast where a wonderful ocean breeze rolled across the stands from time to time throughout the entire show.  The venue also included a large air conditioned seating and dining area where many viewed the cattle shows in the comfort of “cool” air and excellent wait staff offering a variety of Mexican cuisine and refreshments.

Mexican producers traveled many miles from various regions of the country bringing high quality Brahman cattle making it very difficult for the three man judging panel: Chris Shankey of the United States; Carlos Ojea of Argentina; and Lucyana Malossi Quiroz of Brazil.  Thanks to AMCC staff member, Ms. Lorena Garza, who developed the program designed to enter and calculate placings for all three judges, the shows took place without a glitch.  President of the AMCC, Erik Abrahamsson Blankenship, acknowledged the support of federal, state and municipal governments for hosting this magnificent event, he stated “without this support the association could not have hosted such a highly successful event”. He also recognized his Directors, Staff and Committee Members for their hard work and team efforts.

ABBA would like to thank the ABBA members who took the time to travel and attend this event.  It is events such as this that we must continue to support in an effort to exchange ideas and methods for the global development of the Brahman breed.  Armelinda Ibarra encourages members to make at least one international trip per year, “we must make every effort to develop and nurture relationships worldwide, there are many international producers waiting to meet each and every one of you, don’t miss the next international Brahman event”.

Congratulations to the AMCC and Cebuistas Veracruzanos for this highly successful event and a sincere appreciation for their outstanding hospitality!