Herd Inventories Now Available Online

December 29th, 2018 by shelbys@brahman.org

ABBA members can now login to their account and update their herd inventories online.
Follow these simple steps to begin completing your herd inventory:
  1. Login to your ABBA account here.
  2. Under the Animals tab, click on My Inventory- Member/Junior Single-Owned or the My Inventory-F1 for F1 members. This will pull up a list of your current herd inventory.
  3. To inactivate an animal, click on the inactivate button next to that animal’s information.
  4. Next, select the disposal method for that animal: Culled, Died, or Sold Commercially.
  5. Select the disposal date.
  6. Check to make sure the correct animal is being inactivated and click save at the top of the page.
  7. Once your inventory is correct, click on the approve inventory button to submit your herd inventory to the ABBA office.
  8. Upon the completion of your herd inventory, a work order will be generated for your annual dues. Dues are determined based on the number of breeding age females in your inventory.
  9. If you would like to pay for your dues at the time of assessment, ABBA now accepts credit card payments online through the PayPal system. (You do not need a PayPal account to utilize this function, nor is it required to pay at the time of herd inventory approval.) If you choose to pay for your work order, click the PayPal button to be redirected to the PayPal online credit card processing site.
  10. Select pay with Debit/Credit Card.
  11. Fill in your credit card and billing information and click Pay Now.
  12. If you would like to set up a PayPal account, check Agree & Create Account, otherwise, click Not Now. (You are not required to setup a PayPal account to pay for ABBA services with a credit card.)
  13. You will be sent to the payment confirmation screen, click Return to Merchant to submit your payment along with your work order.
  14. You will receive confirmation the LGS system has received payment. Click OK to finish the transaction.
Please reference the tutorial found here for a visual description of each step involved to complete your herd inventory online and pay for a work order through PayPal.
*A $20 reactivation fee is required to reactivate an inactivated animal so please check your work before hitting save.
*Paper copies of herd inventories will be mailed out on January 2nd to all active ABBA members who have not already completed their herd inventory online.