F-1 Membership

In 1979, ABBA saw a need to verify the parentage of the F-1 female to insure that both the producer and user of the F-1 female could be assured of the true genetic makeup of the cattle. When two purebred animals are mated, the offspring exhibit superior traits derived from breed complementarity and heterosis, and the ABBA F-1 certification program gives breeders and buyers confidence in their cattle.

Since it’s inception, the ABBA F-1 Certification Program has evolved into the premier commercial female program in the country, with more than 85,000 females registered. Participating in the program is easy, affordable, and has proven to add a value of nearly $200/head to Golden Certified/Certified Females as compared to other breed crosses. In an effort to further promote the Golden Certified/Certified F-1 Cow and her influence, the ABBA recently launched the F-1 Plus program. This program verifies the parentage of progeny of ABBA Golden Certified or Certified cows, adding value to both the cow and her offspring.

ABBA F-1 Membership Application