F-1 Program


“Heterosis”, or hybrid vigor, is achieved by crossing two different strains, varieties, breeds or species. In the cattle world, maximum hybrid vigor is obtained by crossing totally unrelated animals, achieving the “best of both worlds”. Because the American Brahman are of the Bos indicus species, they naturally produce an exceptional first cross (F-1) with other breeds of European or British origin of the species Bos taurus. The resulting hybrid offspring is consistently superior in weight per day of age and carcass efficiency, as well as inheriting many economic characteristics of its Brahman parent, such as drought resistance, heat tolerance, disease resistance and increased longevity.

The use of Brahman bulls with European or English breed cows is one of the most popular crossbreeding practices in the United States, with the resulting F-1 calf in high demand by cattlemen for replacement females or feeders in the feedlot. It stands to reason that the full benefit of hybrid vigor is also gained by using bulls of European or English breeding with Brahman cows. It is very popular, particularly in southern parts of the United States, to use Brahman bulls to service cows in dairy operations.

The Brahman F-1 female has been long described as the “Queen of Cow Country” by cattlemen for numerous reasons. The F-1 female is highly regarded by commercial cattlemen as a maternal machine with few peers. She has bred-in environment adaptability, increased milk production, higher fertility and the heat and disease resistance of her Brahman parent. She will wean a calf with more weight per day of age than her straight-bred contemporaries. And she will live longer, producing more pounds of calf over her lifetime than others.

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