E.A.R. Program

January 15th, 2020 by brahmanabba

Click Here to Download the E.A.R. Program Packet

The E.A.R. Program is a comprehensive feeding evaluation of Brahman genetics from a purebred and percentage standpoint, with all individuals being traceable to known Brahman lines. This program is designed to allow ABBA and Brahman breeders to maintain an understanding of how their genetics perform within the Beef industry. Key purposes of the program:

Provide a means by which a producer or user of Brahman genetics may capture carcass data in a real world setting to understand the Beef producing ability of their

Provide a competition with reward among ABBA members and Brahman genetic users by using data

Provide real world statistics that help promote the Brahman breed globally to counter long held beef production stereotypes of Brahman

To increase the value of Brahman genetics by offering an incentive for the commercial user in the form of a cooperative feeding and harvest

General Requirements:

Nominations must be received by January 24, 2020. Click here to download the nomination form.

Nomination fee is $35 per purebred steer – $15 for percentage steers.

All steers must be born between December 2018 – May 2019 for early 2020 spring delivery.

All steers eligible for participation in the program must meet one of the following requirements:

1)  Able to be registered by ABBA

All registerable steers MUST be parent verified before being nominated (copy of the results on file with ABBA)

2)  Be traceable by nomination information to at least one parent registered with the ABBA

Steers will be harvested when the pen has reached the average weight and condition regarded as acceptable by the industry. The decision will be made by the feed yard operator. Steers will be fed at TEXANA FEEDERS LTD. Floresville, TX.


Registerable Brahman Division – Both parents ABBA registered (DNA verification  required)

Commercial ½ Brahman or more Division – One parent registered with the ABBA Each Division will award the following:

Individual Overall Champion Carcass – Index based on (25% ADG, 25% REA, 25% IMF, 25% Tenderness)

Top producer award – Producer who nominates best group of 5 steers

Premier Sire Group – Best 3 steers by an ABBA registered Brahman sire based on the above mentioned index

Program Steps with Explanation:

All cattle must be individually identified by a brand.

Steers will be individually identified, weighed and processed upon arrival. All steers should be vaccinated in accordance with one of the options listed in the Texas A&M Value Added Calf Vaccination Management Program. These vaccinations help enhance immunity so the steers have increased resistance to viruses and bacteria upon arrival at the feed yard. The vaccines given upon arrival boost immunity so respiratory problems are

The latest backgrounding protocol recommended by the feed yard will be made available to nominees upon request.

All steers will be given a modified live virus vaccine, vaccinated against clostridial organisms and dewormed upon arrival.

All injections must be given in accordance set forth by the Beef Quality Assurance Audit.

It is recommended that all calves be castrated prior to arrival at the feed yard.

Each steer will be assigned a per hundredweight value based upon current market conditions in the feed yard trade area at time of arrival at the feed yard. This figure will be used to calculate theoretical break evens and the financial outcome of the feeding

When possible, the cattle will be sorted into appropriate outcome groups and by breed type.

Animals that require treatment for any illness will be treated according to guidelines established by the feed yard veterinarian. Costs of treatment will be charged to the owner. Cattle who get sick twice will be removed from the program, may be picked up by the owner or railed. The feed yard management and ABBA will make every effort to safeguard the health of all animals but will assume no responsibility for death or

After an acceptable length of time, steers that are not achieving an economic rate of gain will be sold as realizers and the proceeds will be placed in escrow for disbursement at the end of the program or may be picked up by their owners. Owners will be notified before their steers are realized and within one week if their steer

Feed consumption for each pen will be determined at the conclusion of the feeding period. Individual steer consumption will be dependent upon the proportional share of pounds based upon head

Charges to be assessed each entry at the end of the feeding period include:

  • Processing fees
  • Medicine costs
  • Feed costs
  • Transportation/trucking costs (feed yard to packing plant)
  • The above items will be financed at the prevailing interest rate
  • Texas Cattle Feeders Association Dues (40 cents)
  • Beef Checkoff ($2.00/head)

Entries will be marketed when the pen average reaches the weight and condition regarded as acceptable by the industry. This decision will be made by the feed yard

The steers will be weighed individually at the conclusion of the feeding period and a 4% pencil shrink will be applied to the final weight to determine live sale weight for calculation of feed yard

The cattle will be sold on the live animal value and fair market value will be attained. Neither the feed yard or ABBA guarantee the profitability of participation in the program. All proceeds will be mailed directly to the consignor after the expenses listed in item 8 are deducted. Disbursement of all funds will be approximately two weeks after the group is marketed. Cattle will be harvested at Sam Kane Beef

Feed yard performance & carcass information to be collected

  • Average Daily Gain
  • Dressing Percentage
  • Carcass Weight
  • Ribeye Area
  • % Kidney, Pelvic and Heart Fat USDA Quality Grade
  • USDA Yield Grade
  • Marbling Score
  • Warner Bratzler Shearforce Tenderness Test

Producers will be sent a report after reimplant at the feed yard with information on arrival weight, steer value, reimplant weight, muscle score, frame score and pen

At the conclusion of the feeding period, feed yard performance data and carcass information will be provided on each

For additional information or questions please contact the American Brahman Breeder’s Association:
3003 South Loop West, Suite 500
Houston, TX 77054