Delta Ranch Reproductive Center Opening

February 18th, 2014 by brahmanabba

Following the 2014 World Brahman Congress in Parys, South Africa Chris Shivers, ABBA Executive Vice President, Gustavo Toro of Sexing Technologies and Mark Forgason of J.D. Hudgins, Inc. accompanied Monty Chiepy to Gabarone, Botswana for the opening of the Delta Ranch Reproductive Center.

Many dignitaries from most of the South African Countries attended, as well as cattle producers from Botswana. In addition to several Ambassadors’ presentations, the Botswana Minister of Agriculture Christian De-Graff pledged his support to the center while also sharing an optimistic outlook on the now possible genetic improvement of the country’s cattle. In conclusion, Chris Shivers, ABBA Executive Vice President spoke in regards to the role of the American Brahman Breed in global beef production and Gustavo Toro of Sexing Technologies followed with an overview of the technology of sexing semen.

All attendees toured of the facility and viewed the cattle on display, and Monty Chiepy treated everyone to a beef lunch that included local entertainment. Delta Ranch Reproductive Center opening was a successful event that brought multiple segments together for the common goal of improving beef production in Botswana.