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Welcome to the American Brahman Breeders Association Buy/Sell page. Please follow the guidelines below to place a listing on the page. To list cattle and genetics for sale on the ABBA Buy/Sell page please select the correct form from below, complete and return to the ABBA office in Houston.

  • Participants must be an Active Member of ABBA, AJBA or the F-1 Certification Program.
  • All listings must be Registered Brahman or Golden Certified/Certified F-1’s.
  • Only Registered Brahman Bulls will be listed.
  • Cattle will be listed free of charge for a 30 day period.
  • All listings will be removed from the page after 30 days.
  • Contact Seller for additional information or to see photos if not with listing.
  • Please include breeder name along with all photos.
  • 1 MB minimum is suggested for all photos.

Send completed forms and photos to:
3003 South Loop West, Suite 520
Houston, TX 77054
Fax: 713-349-9795
E-mail: Shelby Schiefelbein (

la muneca bullsAll guarantees, if any, shall be such as agreed upon between the seller and buyer and are NOT those of the American Brahman Breeders Association . Any representations are those of the seller only and are NOT assured in any way by ABBA. ALL SALES ARE BETWEEN SELLER AND BUYER!


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