How to Register & Transfer



Each breeder shall keep an individual private herd book, in which shall be tabulated the individual animal identification numbers of each animal and such other information concerning ancestry and breeding of same, that will make clear and positive at all times the parentage of an animal offered for registration in the Association Herd Register.  Individual animal identification numbers shall be given all calves before they are weaned, which number must be branded upon the body.  (Supporting numbers tattooed in the ears are very desirable.)


To be eligible for entry in the American Brahman Herd Register, an animal must be the offspring of a Brahman bull and a Brahman cow, both of which have been previously registered with the American Brahman Breeders Association.

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Every change in ownership must be promptly recorded with the American Brahman Breeders Association, in order that progeny of the animal may be registered and subsequent changes in ownership are recorded.  Open transfers are condemned and considered a poor practice.  Be proud of your product and promptly submit completed applications for transfer of ownership once you have sold an animal.  Applications for Transfer must be submitted to the ABBA office immediately after the sale transaction is completed.

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