Show Animal of the Year Standings for Year End 2016

February 2nd, 2017 by brahmanabba

The following are the standings for Show Animals of the Year as of December 31, 2016.  The points for ABBA Show Animal of the Year are accumulated from July 1, 2016 -June 30, 2017.

Grey Bull

Animal                                            Points   Owner

Mr. RB 354/4 “Ring King”              130         Winston Walters
IS Mr. Bentley 122                            66           Bethalan Bishop
Mr. SG Elroy 117/5                           61           Wesley Janik
Mr. L Ben Cartwright 197               37           Jeremy Loewen
Mr. H Thor Manso 732/5               35           Carlos Reyes

Red Bull

Animal                                             Points   Owner

Mr. SG 97/4                                        88           Wesley Janik
DF Mr. Butterbean 366/4                79           Wesley Thibodeaux
ECC Mr. Rio King 424                       56           Karli Joyce
Walters Double O Seven                  51           Winston Walters
Moreno Mr. Reality                           44           Moreno Ranches

Grey Cow

Animal                                                 Points   Owner

CT Lady Riley Manseaux                78           Leah Thibodeaux
JDH Lady Manso 139/1                   67           J.D. Hudgins-Forgason Cattle Co.
Walters Rebel                                    63           Winston Walters
Miss CF 230                                       43           Taylor Clement
Miss CBR Adele 565/4                     42           Payton Herzog

Red Cow

Animal                                                 Points   Owner

CT Lady Lacey Rhineaux                94           Lonestar Land & Cattle, Southern Cattle Co. & South Florida Brahmans
KF Ms Sierra Nova 35                      79           Winston Walters
Moreno Ms. Lady Rumbera           58           Moreno Ranches
Ms Ella 104/6                                     55           Shannon Carriere
KF Ms Payaso Success                     41           Winston Walters
CT Ms Karli Rhineaux                      34           Karli Joyce