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In an effort to help with the ABBA members who have been hit by Hurricane Harvey, this message board has been established to connect those in need with those who have available resources.

If you have been affected,  please post how we can help you. If you have available resources such as pasture, supplies, hay or a willing hand, please post what you have available.

It is our hope that we can bring those in need with those who want to help.

If you would like to make a monetary donation or apply for aid, please view the information on the ABBA Disaster Relief Fund page.

May God bless everyone through these trying times.

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24/09/2017 11:07 pm  

Willing to give hay to someone in need. Only cost will be freight and it can be you or the driver of your choice. We will even load it for you. Be willing to prove you were effected by Harvey. Located in the Texas hill country. Give us a call at 325-456-0634.


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