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American Brahman cattle, the first beef breed developed in the U.S., rank #1 in hybrid vigor, heat tolerance and efficiency compared to all other beef breeds. With improved growth and performance, Brahman cattle increase profitability and play an important role in crossbreeding programs world wide. Brahman cattle are the common thread connecting other American breeds developed in the last century. Often referred to as “Crossbreeding’s Common Denominator,” cattlemen on every continent seek American Brahman genetics. The Brahman female and her F-1 offspring, the queens of cow country, are in high demand by cattlemen around the globe. The Brahman breed’s development is an unparalleled success story. Today’s cattlemen breed Brahmans for all the right reasons.

The phrases “Crossbreeding’s Common Denominator” and “Queens of Cow Country” are trademarks of the American Brahman Breeder’s Association.


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